I am more convinced to share a couple of books to read before 30. These are my dream book list and the books you and I must read before we turn 30. Each book has its own importance and originality. Some books teach to know more about public health and diseases, some teach to know more about Science & Technology and rest can teach about the money, love, relationship, people and self-glory. Now, you might be clear how important is to make a reading habit.

World most popular and rich personality like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Chetan Bhagat, Jane Austen, Theodore Roosevelt, Shahrukh Khan, Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai, Jeff Bezos, LeBron James etc. read or used to read books a lot nearly fifty books each year. That is their success formula. Whatever they read and learn, implement them in such a great and effective way which gives them one-hundred percentage results.

Before jumping into the book reading ocean, you must learn to swim on How to manage time?

List of a couple of books to read before 30.

the couple of books to read before 30

#1. Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson. This is a self-help or motivational book. The main part of this book is “…an amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life.” Partly, this book describes how a change in one’s work and life could affect another moment of one’s life. There are four characters two mice and two “Little people”, the author gave reactions on four typical changes, “…during their hunt for cheese.” Still is in my book list to read but I listened to its summary audio podcast. So, you can include this in your booklist too.

To my mind, it plays a tablet of medicine for those who are exhausted for surviving in life and lost hope to live over. It inspires and motivates to vivify your life even if you are waiting for gasping of one last breath. Writes Sancha Bir Subba, author of A Toil: Learn to Hard Work What impedes your Destination?

#2. Permanent Record by Edward Snowden. This is a memoir and informative book. Truly based upon the life of Edward Snowden, the national whistleblower for domestic surveillance in the U.S. by the government. He wrote this book to aware the people about the government’s domestic surveillance and also discussed privacy rights. “… This book describes Snowden’s childhood as well as tenure at the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency.” He is now asylum in Russia after leaking very confidential and highly oriented information in 2013 that revealed global surveillance programs.

The first part of this book is all about his childhood and life before or behind the computer. Most interesting dingus of this book is that the book has been censored in China. Few contents were removed like comments about authoritarian states, privacy-supporting technologies, and the right to privacy. So, never be late to read this book, and it was published on September 17, 2019, by Metropolitan Books.

#3. The Great Influenza by John M. Barry. A book which could teach you, to understand, about the influenza virus and story of Spanish Flu in 1918. I was surprised to know how deadly influenza virus as compared to other known viruses. I have gone through its summary audio podcast and wanna read the complete book but not an e-book, a hard copy. That’s the reason I have added this book in a couple of books to read before 30 series.

#4. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. This is a personal memoir of the world most iconic sporting goods company, Nike Inc. owner and chairman Phil Knight. He wrote about his company and the importance of assembling a brilliant team. We all know how valuable and iconic sporting goods company is Nike, Inc., today.

The more you read, the more you gain. Before reading a short version of this book I didn’t know about the early days of Nike, Inc., but after reading its shot version I discovered, Phil Knight was running a shoe selling company “… out of the back of his car” called Blue Ribbon. At that time, he sold the shoes which were made at a factory in Japan, called Tiger. It was a really significant time for Phil Knight, that’s how it became Nike, Inc., from Blue Ribbon.

This book is really good for all of us because of its brand value. We must have the proper knowledge of such an iconic sporting goods company. Nevertheless, read this book even if you are not a book readers as knowing something is better than knowing nothing.

#5. Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon. This is partly a self-help book but mostly a complete guide to being a hero in this digitally indistinct society. I really like the idea of self-learning and innovating ideas through pre-existing innovation. Austin Kleon commented on how you can innovate something from others ideas as well. In this advanced ever-evolving era people like to see extra innovation but author comments you can take knowledge and idea from pre-modelled ideas and innovation ethically.

Secondly, he comments on work you want to do. Books you want to write and ideas you want to bring up. He said it is not to do what you’re good at but focus on what you want to do. However, the world sees your outcome, not your strain.

Do whatever you want to do because everything is available in this digital world from prototypes to formula and theories. This book is not only a couple of books to read, but it teaches you the complete mastery of an ethical way of stealing.

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