Prabin is hunger about reading books and reviewing to masses. He is pretty fascinated to share Knowledge, Idea, and Tips. He will guide you to understand typical books that teach some LIFE Changing LESSONS.

 Prabin Rai believes mindfulness in the workplace is KEY to Success – a tenet he loves about gardening, painting, meditation, and social expedition.

Enthusiast blogger, writer, teacher, and #1 freelancer.

He is an enthusiast blogger, teacher, and content writer. He loves reading books and doing some creative stuff. He practices audio therapy and lucid dreaming and autosuggestion. If you want to join this journey of autonomous work of life. You are always welcome.

He has started this blog to share all the inspiration with you all. He has a pretty dark life story and some numb experiences in life. Life is full of exceptions and difficulties, but we must not forget to live – this is a lesson – He has learned too far. He was a man who used to live in an illusive world. He used to scream overnight in an evil voice. He had almost created elusive world, but audio therapy, autosuggestion, and religious belief freed him.