What is Emotional Intelligence?

Why do we fail in our social life? I am not happy though being successful earners, but How? Why do people jest off me? I know I am a good man but people never offer me such aroma back to me, but Why? Why do I fail in making the proper decision and communication? … “ I know we often discover such kind of questions in our mind.

emotional intelligence

Mostly, when we’re not ready to accept the truth that we haven’t value the art of emotional intelligence just more than intelligence(IQ) or intellectual ability. After some research and Q&A, I have found a significant answer; mastery of emotional intelligence. Concisely, all of your answers are here in “…Your 180% IQ is priceless without EQ. A guide to making your victory!”

Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient(EQ) is a special ability to use and manage your own emotions and mental power. EI helps you to avoid the conflicts that arise due to overthinking, misunderstanding & obsessive feelings, it helps you to build a strong relationship, helps in diffusing conflicts and gives the proper idea, wisdom and ways to implement your knowledge.

It is as important as IQ; you sustain your life without being mentally intelligent but you can’t sustain your life without being good at EI or EQ. Your 180% IQ is priceless without EQ as EQ is important for living a joyful life, creating happiness and building better decision-making skills.

Emotional intelligence is define under four attributes. They are as follows;

  1. Self-management – You can control your feelings, emotions and thoughts. You can lead your life in a healthy environment. You can adapt best and suitable ways to take correct decision for your betterment and growth.
  2. Social awareness – You will able to conduct any types of program, campaign or events, You can manage things easily, people will appreciate healthy and inspiring leadership. You can handle people, organizations, works and culture effectively and positively.
  3. Self-awareness – It will help you make a healthy environment and creates better surroundings for yourself. You will be the more potent, potency of your action leads to greater achievements. You will have greater knowledge about your action and wise wisdom will guide you to stay healthy in the society.
  4. Management of relationship – Most of the people stumbles when it comes to relationship. It is really wisdom jobs to stick into a positive and understandable relationship. But EI helps to build greater friendship, wise path and strong belongingness. You will be an extraordinary person to handle things, even after its terribly gone wrong.

What are the key-stream of EI?

The main trait of emotional intelligence is to make us mentally and socially healthy but the scope or its values are more or less focused on four different attributes or key-stream.

  1. Self-management and sustainability.
  2. Creating social awareness.
  3. Broadening the wisdom of Self-awareness.
  4. Management of relationship.
  5. Widening of narrow thought and decision process.
  6. Proper use of Knowledge or IQ.

Key-stream of Your 180% IQ is priceless without EQ. A guide to making your victory!

  1. Self-management and sustainability – Self-management has become the much needed quality at the moment. Due to rising number of inhuman activity; affecting our nervous functioning system.

    Letting young mind to discover short tampered, poor social interaction and self doubt. Self-management teach us to take self care. It made us humble and determinant. It allows us to set proper goals and provides healthy environment for self growth in sector of life.
  2. Creating social awareness – It is significant to have greater social awareness particularly at this digital networking system. We all are busy updating do’s and done, we almost spend 50% of our time on mobile. This means we are disconnecting our self from the outer environment. We forgot to visit children park, library, or even own self.

    Meaning of social awareness not limited within the idea of being socialize or ideal person in society with wide vision and positive mindset towards family, friends and neighbors but it is a general idea related to whatever the surrounding we are living in.

    Once we have the proper social awareness, we will start making more success and start gaining help, support and enjoyment. Our activity works for the betterment of environment and society.
  3. Broadening the wisdom of self-management – Emotional intelligence allow us to envisioned wider path and goals in life. We become more responsible and we can easily handle personal problem, issues and provides motivation to overcome depression.

    It is that chunk of knowledge where knowledge itself works as a social catalyst. Promising IQ with zero wisdom is as similar as Jar with a hole in its bottom side. Your effort do not gives you the result, you will have personality issue. Whereas wisdom guide us to rightly use our knowledge and make greater impact in personal lives.
  4. Management of relationship – I have seen many family dividing apart, decades old relationship failing to making it happen, domestic molestation and dictatorial environment etc. I found this is happening due to lack of the knowledge in management of relationship. EI could be the only medicine for such kind of social issues.

    We can make a proper balance in life and work. It will be easier for us to say no in needs and yes in needs. Making balance in relationship will be easy. So I recommend you to read this Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

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