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Four best Writing apps for Beginners.

Writing is much similar to programming a robot to cook your food if you are good at grammar and vocabulary, you can easily hack its complexity, or you can start your writing project without being a grammarian & sesquipedalian. That’s what this post “Four best writing apps for beginners” is.

four best writing apps for beginners

Just rethink the writing apps in your toolbox. It doesn’t matter if you are a pen-on-paper writer at first draft. Somehow, you have to translate your writing into a digital format, so why not take a digital writing glance at first sight, which can help you write efficiently and more grammatically.

1. Grammarly.

four best writing apps for beginners grammarly

It is a writing assistant. Comes with “…clear and constructive writing suggestions.” Much helpful for one who is learning to communicate with people through writing. Grammarly “…can help you with grammar, readability, spelling, plagiarism, tenses sequence, punctuation, clarity, conciseness, and more.” Start writing:

2. Evernote Web.

four best writing apps for beginners evernote

It is a platform where you can take all kinds of notes. Very simple, splendid, clear, and user-friendly interface. The main thing about this Evernote Web is the feature that allows you to stay organized so you can juggle and access all your multiple projects at once. Start writing:

3. Google Keep.

four best writing apps for beginners keep notes

It is a note-taking app much similar to Jotterpad and Evernote. But the more enhanced capability of taking notes and drag-gable notes wizard are some cool features that will inspire you a lot. Including Google Docs. Start writing:

4. Draft.

four best writing apps for beginners

Recommended by Grammarly. It is an online writing app like Google Keep. “… It combines collaboration and editing features.” It can work with other online writing apps. Start writing:

Offline Writing apps – Four best writing apps for beginners.

1. Microsoft Word.

It is the world’s most popular Word Processing software that provides all kinds of writing formats from poetry to novels. Bundles of powerful features can be found here, like tables, charts, media, font styles, and more.

2. Scrivener

“…It is a go-to app for all kinds of writers.” World popular novelists, screenwriters, and more use this every day. Best and hassle-free writing app that won’t ruin your time.

3. Focus Writer

 It is a simple and distraction-free writing app. Mainly comes with advanced and some basic features like typewriter sound effects, fully customizable themes, daily goals, and more. Must smooth and okay to go on with this app. 

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