The reason, I am writing this article credits to the Atomic Habits by James Clear and you are going to read the lesson from the Atomic Habits by James Clear.

It’s been a while since I was unable to come up with fresh new content, but it doesn’t mean that I have stopped reading, learning and living a system of making into habits that allow me to persuade the goals. A lot has happened, in the past few weeks, mostly I have learnt something, that you would astonish after reading and learning about those.

Lesson from the Atomic Habits by James Clear a set of Tips

Lesson from the Atomic Habits by James Clear

#1 Small changes in Habits – Habits are behaviours that we show it in action, and it is important to achieve small and positive changes. But we all know bringing some positive changes requires little gesture of patience as well.

In the book, Atomic Habits, author-written about the changes that make us powerful and diligence in the form of works and behavioral acts. We as a human being seeking for greater impacts and greater changes but the author clearly noted bring small (atomic) changes often leads to positive and powerful growth in our habits as well as day to day life.

This book teaches us to furnish our small habits rather than massive changes. Collectively fragments of changes lead to massive changes. And its outcome will be more effective than before.

#2 Outcome depends upon Habits – Author also wrote on the conscience of habits that result in the impacted outcome. He said “messing up with our dopamine led us to greater failure in everyday life, from health-set to soul-set.” Arguably, focusing on the perpetual changes in habits brings dynamic changes and outcome in our life of health-set and soul-set (dopamine detox). We must not forget to automate each and every action we take and every step we march for. Our prime duty must be focusing on the impacted outcome but the outcome depends upon Habits. Primarily, our actions must be focused on focusing on atomic habits. That results in outstanding resolution.

#3 Automate your life as Netflix series – In this book Atomic Habits, James Clear also wrote or criticize about the digital smart automation. Possibly, digital automation is widely popular in Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Videos and more. Each episode automatically plays after one is finished. This type of automation is so magnetic that we can’t escape out of it, once, we start any series. I must say, the author also convince us to make some of the activity as automate as series. Automation helps us to undo any side disturbances that come in our daily routine. It could lead to changes in atomic habits that can flourish our future and present both.

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