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Mastery Of Life from Who Will Cry When You Die?

We all are busy in this world but if you cannot make time for yourself literally you’re not living your life. Remember, initially everything started as a beginning, every master has their own life story which cannot be seen. Probably you will start thinking like this once you read the five mastery of life from the book Who Will Cry When You Die?

Here in this article, you are going to discover what you have in yourself, how long does it take to be a responsible man? Is life full of mess? Or full of opportunitiesHonestly, you cannot get the answer to all these questions without being yourself. So, being yourself is important, then, how would you do it? How long does it take to become the mastery of being yourself? The answer is simple just read this article till its end.

Learn the mastery of life from Who Will Cry When You Die?

mastery of life from who will cry when you die
Mastery of life from Who Will Cry When You Die?

Mastery-1: “You cannot erase your self from you…”

I know you try to follow others, you try to be like others and surround yourself with others’ temporary and evil environment. But you cannot stop your self being yourself; sometimes you get sad, sometimes you feel exhausted it is all because of not attaching yourself to yourself. Try to talk with yourself and observe its consequence you’ll experience the sweet version of your own audacity. Don’t try to chase yourself to become something you are not. Invest yourself with positive words like “yes I can do it”, “I am the best version of myself”, “I am unstoppable…” steadily because you are here to learn the mastery of life from Who Will Cry When You Die?

Mastery-2: “Chase your inner will to unlock the secrecy of your luck…”

Once you start feeling exhausted; try to strive ahead. Challenges bring lots of learning possibilities that can be used to chase our inner will. Sometimes we don’t get what we want and we don’t achieve satisfaction from our daily routine; once you learn to chase the feelings and emotions, you’ll learn to discover positivity that makes your life delighted. Never doubt yourself, you are special, you’re extraordinary and intelligent than 70% of the greatest mind. Must avoid your negative feeling which doesn’t allow you to think beyond your limitations. Try to spread love and optimistic feeling then perceive your life because it’s a five mastery of life.

Mastery-3: “Learn to live a good part of your life…”

Most people die without enjoying their life fullest. As you’ll not sustain this culture. Moreover, you will live your life till its last breath. But you must enjoy leisure time with your family and loved ones. Visit some recreational places like Manali(India), Namche Bazaar(Nepal), Braga(Portugal) and Bali(Indonesia) etc. Spending holidays with family enables us to understand our family properly. Visiting religious places keeps us peaceful and refreshed. Reading books emphasise our imagination, listening to audiobooks and podcast takes us to good listeners. It means there are good things than unusual and unwanted things that can be used to live a good part of our life.

Mastery-4: “Forgive your enemy; forget your past…”

Did you ever fight with your friends? What’s the number of your enemy? Aren’t they deserve love?

What’s the greatest past that you don’t want to recall? These all are freezing questions. Once you stop worrying about your future you’ll stop thinking about your past. Try to surround yourself through living a good part of life, chasing inner will and being yourself. Forgiving your enemies kills one of the greatest diseases of hatred. It build-up what you don’t have in your heart and opines you to behold truthness. Basically, both forgiving enemy and forgetting the past widened your mind and the society that you lived in.

Mastery-5: “Maintain a secret life journal…”

Did you ever write something in the diary? If not then start maintaining your daily journal; you’ll disclose all of the above Mastery. Writing a journal improves our habitual thinking and erase our vividness. Whatever you’ll go through in your life is just mentioned in your journal. One day that journal becomes the story of you; who knows what story you carry ahead in your life. Just think of the world-famous book “Diary of A Young Girl” written by Anne Frank, it was her diary that became too famous even after 70 years of its publication. Simply I meant to say no one knows the future so you must not be like a frozen glacier. Live your life and be happy, always share the love.

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  2. binod dhakal

    Keep it up bro… may god bless u

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