• Change – It is autonumous part of life that is inevitable from all ground of chore. It depends upon how you treat them.
  • Out of the Woods – Life is made to be experienced unprecedented moment. It does not matter who you are then. Once you learn to ignore the bad wounds.
  • Look what You Made Me Do – We often ends up blaming ourself but sometimes stain appers through others as well.

Pretty things are always admirable to others. But, people often misunderstood, the harsh part of life. Similarly, I am here with official poetry book review known as Pretty Lights by Kirstin McWhorther.

What is the book Pretty Lights?

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Pretty Lights is a toxic family relationship poetry book by Kirstin McWhorter. All the poems are base upon someone’s life story, maybe the author itself. In this poetry book, the author tried to express all her life story in poetic form. Talking about the style of poetry, it is haiku kind of poems pretty similar to Taylor Swift’s songs. 

Each poem reveals the dark story; of how does father could be poisonous and at the same time, act as a catalyst. 

During the first few poems, I fell like ah! It’s a life story written in poetic verse, but to my surprise, this book could teach us much more about human behaviours and parenting education. 

Certainly, hypocrisy never exists long. All the changes are a necessary, part of life but the magic remains, on how could you rediscover it again?

To be precise —  This book is all about the family. McWhorther has written too critically about her experience of life. Mostly she was deceased by her father’s appealing behaviour. She was, frustrated she did not want to meet his father. But life keeps on taking a father at her glance.

She criticized the hypocrisy of society. That society gives more priority to men than women. Society teaches us to value illegitimate morality that stands for inhuman activity. She also wrote about fear and belongingness. That most loved person could betray you more than your very own enemy and life after a betrayal is a much different experience.

To be honest — McWorther poetry is based, upon the real story and she didn’t, make it too unrealistic. She wrote each line symboling to her father’s appealing human nature, resulting in father’s second marriage and how did she feel, throughout her chaos life.

Her life was a total mess full of the dazzling story which was hanging like old torn clothes. I remember a few lines from this Poetry book. 

I just wanna know why 
Know why you had felt the need
To do this until you succeeded in
Breaking my heart
Breaking my trust
Breaking your word
‘Cause all of a sudden
I look like a fool

— Ever since everything changed.

It is pretty conscious to tell that we all change once someone breaks our heart deliberately. 

I have to admit that she wrote it more like Lyrics than a Poem but it portraits someone’s life story from childhood to motherhood. Author must not forget to sweat off in grammar. Giving proper space to write smartly. 

What other authors say about the Pretty Lights? 

Despite being a very simple language, it’s really hard to understand in depth. I tried to picture in my mind and heart…

— Sancha Bir Subba

The poems are really beautiful, which is a series of stories intermixed with love, affection, tragedies and some memories. I found its unique feature is adding a sentence of reasons for every poem which adds grandeur and flavor of literature in the poems.

The poems are written in free verse, no rhymes and metrical patterns, but the artistic expressions of the poet are really applicable.

The poet strives to convey to us about family, love and life. He may be a nature lover and sought to similize and metaphorize her poetic feelings with nature, especially, rain, summer, cold, etc.

A heart-touching line from one of her poems, Teardrops on my Guitar:
“She’s got everything I’ll always live without
A loving mother, a proud father…” This line traverses in everyone’s life.

I loved all the poems in the book… Exceptionally my favorite poems are Call It What You Want, Long Live, Tell Me Why and Never Grow Up.

The poems are really short but sweet, praiseworthy to read. Thanks, Prabin for giving me a chance to take the pleasure of the poems written by Kristin McWhorter.

Writes Sancha Bir Subba, author of My Heart Utters

Things to remember — This poetry book can teach us about the feelings of a daughter towards her father, human behavior towards nature and its beauty. Some poem also teaches us about the “change that is inevitable.” Our vision should be positive, and our conscience must not entice to negativity. Read now: Pretty Lights

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