It is significant to have a mutual understanding with our partner because it helps us to build an emotional attachment. Burly claiming, how’s that possible? You have to read this relationship advice from the book; Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Moreover, you will be astonished to see how valuable it is to have a good sense of humour? By the end of this single relationship advice, you will learn to value your friends and family.

List of relationship advice.


Advice-1: “Silence can kill dissension…”

Relationship advice from the book; Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus follow up subsequently. May you all have experienced dispute or misunderstanding between man and women or husband or wife moreover this is due to avoiding silence in a tough time. Sometimes men get tired after working for a long period of time. At this time men do not want to hear anything besides sitting in the silence.

Men want to have calm and cool surrounding so that they can take time to restore the lost energy (intuition) to be focused again. We can learn that men should be silent or he should listen to the opposite partner(wife or women). Women are very talkative but listening to them could brake dissension in your family. Practising this kind of silence during confliction can help in your relationship to share the emotional bondage.

Advice-2: “Women wants attention, appreciation and care…”

To the men, the book; Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus can teach you a lot about women. The first thing your wife needs is proper care. She wants you to listen to her, she wants attention likewise she likes appreciation but how can you do that? Simply follow up this line.

  • You must appreciate her beauties and give her sweet reviews like you’re beautiful, your eyes are so as good as pearls. Even don’t forget to say, “Your lips are like a bar of chocolate and seeing her.”
  • You must listen to her because women are not like men. They would feel energetic after sharing their thoughts other. Moreover, you must listen to her for a while. After a few minutes while she will stop talking and she would feel much secure and happy.
  • Never ignore your wife in the group of the people. Like in the party, marriage ceremony, meetings or in a family function. What she wants is your attention. Remember, giving attention to your wife is more satisfying than taking her for sex. She is guided or ruled by the characters of the planet Venus. Always shiny and wants to be in the centre of the attraction. Nevertheless, never keep your eyes away from her.

Advice-3: “Men wants to solve the problems…”

In this third Relationship advice from the book; Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus I have talk about the men and his choices.

To the women, as from this book, you will learn to understand your brave man more precisely. Men do not want to hear any kind of advice unless they love to comprehend the problem for the solution. Men keep all the issues with them, they think, sharing issues with you can make you feel insecure. Sometimes, your husband becomes silent not just he is ignoring you but he wants to solve the problem by himself. Do not act on this isolated kind of behaviour. Let him takes his time to come out of it.

Advice-4: “Be wise to each other…”

All the relationship depends upon the belief and the fate not in the betrayal and the revenge. Concisely, your attachments with your partner also depend upon your subconscious thoughts and your wiseness. Be kind to listen to every line of your partner, forget not to act lately. In my twenty-one years of journey, I have learned to be honest and wise. Once you learn to be a wise and kind person it doesn’t matter whether you’re right or not because fate will come along the way to fade away those detest.

Literally, unusual thought is the symbol of moodiness which means it will be quite inadequate to be a wise person. But if you master the self-identification you will discover the best out of your relationship. Perhaps, it is not so difficult to master yourself because I have prepared mental digest on self-mastery already just read The Five Mastery Of Life from The Book Who Will Cry When You Die? Once you read that self-mastery, mental digest. You’ll be an able wife or a husband. Everything relies on you; of how you would like to be?

Resolution or the Conclusion:

Nevertheless, the end is not an end unless you want to perceive it. Similarly, reading relationship advice, taking meditation class and listening audio podcast won’t help you to be a perfect couple. Both of you should practice the given couple-mastery, mental digest because I have seen my parents being separated in one part of their life but soon they realized the value of the relation and united again, till now I haven’t seen them conflicting on something valueless.

My mother shares this success story in every opportunity she gets to talk about and I have seen most of the fresh couple appreciating and getting inspired. Her story has become the hope for many mothers in our ministry. So be happy with the partner you have got. Conversely, practising only leads to a better resolution in your couple life.

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John Gray is the author of the book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”. He is an American relationship counsellor, lecturer and author. Born December 28 1951 (Age 53).
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