Key points:
  • Time is limited within our lifespan.
  • Management of time is a formidable achievement.
  • One must manage time which gives 100% result.
  • “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days” points Zig Ziglar.

Time is a powerful weapon which heals everything; no matter how severe our pain is, it won’t last long – As you read that time is a powerful healer. For that, I can say “everything depends upon time and the moment we bring it to live”. So, I am here with Tips on how you can manage time that gives you a fruitful result?.

How to Manage Time? Follow up the given Tips:

#1 Early wake-up: Owning your morning can change yourself for better results. A getting up early gives you time for yourself. Early wake-up is necessary to manage time for reading, writing and meditation. Once, you master, this early morning practices you will rejoice in abundance.

#2 Timetable: Living by following timetable may not give you independence, but it surely, will help you become a person that you ever dream of. Therefore, I request you to make a time table for your own benefit and self-growth. I wanna include few mobile apps which are very useful for maintaining time table such mobile apps are as follows; Google Calendar, Microsoft To-Do List, etc. Consider, until you practice thoroughly you won’t get a result.

#3 Away from distraction – “One of the most important mastery is to be away from distraction” writes Robin Sharma in his remarkable book The 5 AM Club. Of course, it is significant to be in a self-consistent path. Not diverted by all those negative influences and “…Out of balance life.” I recommend you to invest in your own intuition rather than the unknown, temporary and frameless passion that leads you nowhere. Do whatever you want in your life but maintaining self-consistency is a milestone achievement.

#Bonus tips: Engage yourself in writing a diary book. Yes, one of the best ways to manage time is to engage yourself in writing because it is one of the easiest ways to do. Everybody can afford, the resources required to write something. Like, a pen and a notebook. So, if it is essential to do, then how can you do that? The answer is simple, just read How to Write a Diary Book?

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